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Rapid Access to Vital Information
Spiral-bound flip-book uses a unique tabbed design for rapid access. Color-coded pages put vital information at your fingertips.

Pocket Pages for Easy Updates
Clear vinyl pocket pages allow information to be inserted and removed to manage changes and updates.

Point-of-Care Use
Washable vinyl pages and plastic backer allow storage and use directly at the point of care.

Emergency Procedures at Your Fingertips

The CALS Quick Reference Guide includes essential summaries of core procedures, algorithms and other life-support know-how.

  • Universal approach for critical patient care
  • Airway, Altered LOC, Status Epilepticus emergencies
  • Pediatric, Obstetrics and Neonate care
  • Cardiac, Pneumonia-Sepsis and Burn situations
  • Drugs, Toxidromes, Formulae and Conversion Charts
  • And more

In a life-support emergency, how will you remember what to do?

The CALS Quick Reference Guide can help. Core procedures, algorithms and more at your fingertips.